Ca Boom Show

Ca Boom Show

Mar 27, 2006

We went to the Ca Boom show yesterday and cablam! After almost 4 hours (!!) we came away with plenty of cabloggable ideas. We had heard that people where under-whelmed, but we have to say that we founds oodles of great west coast design. The place was pretty packed and there's nothing like a funky DJ spinning music while you browse. One thing we noticed was how much of the new west coast design continues to be from Brooklyn. Interesting.

Of course, the natural wood works and beautiful craftsmanship where what thrilled us the most. Some old pals were back, like HollyWood Creations, who thanked us for our helpful and kind words from last year's show (Check out the quote on their website). We got to meet John from Mesa Custom Furniture, who we have blogged for a while, but was showing for the first time this year.

We have a duffle bag filled with cards, USB web-sticks (!!) and website addresses of interesting shops so get ready, cause we have lots to say.

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