Caedmon's Closet

Smaller Cooler 2011 Entry #26

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Name: Caedmon (9 months)
Location: Oceanside, CA
Division: Single Room
Room Size: 48 square feet

Tip for Living Small with Kids: Keep it simple! Kids don't need a lot to be happy. Put your love into everything you create and the space will be that much more enjoyable and memorable.

Biggest Design Challenge in this Room: Working with a small budget and a small space is always a challenge. In addition, a corner of this "room" is taken up by built-in shelving from floor to almost the ceiling. I wanted to draw attention away from the shelving so I concealed it with curtains (actually a bedsheet folded in half) hung from tension rods.

Favorite Thing About This Room:It's hard to name just one! I am very proud of the wire sculpture I made myself. I love the framed Marimekko tea towel; it really pulls the room together. I also love the natural lighting, which brightens the room and makes me forget that it's a closet!

Thanks for your entry Leah and good luck!

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