Café au lait bowls, originally used in France to serve coffee or hot chocolate, are the perfect size for cereal or soup. We've always used them as go-to serving dishes in our kitchen. We spotted these beautiful red and white Faience Café au Lait Bowls at P.O.S.H. and went searching for a few more like it in case you're on the lookout for a set of your own. Links below...

Red and White Faience Café au Lait Bowls from P.O.S.H., $18
Latte Bowls from Anthropologie, $24 for a set of 6
Coté Bastide Café au Lait Bowls from Basic French, $30
Martha Stewart Montmarte Collection Whiteware Bowls, on sale for $6.99
Apilco Café Au Lait Bowls from Williams Sonoma, 4 for $51
Vintage Latte Bowls from Red Chair Antiques

Give us your suggestions for café au lait bowls in the comments below.