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San Francisco, CA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
Where do I even begin . . . the bones of our apartment are something people dream of having. With amazing hardwood floors, french doors, closet space and a marble bathroom, I pretty much love everything. Hence why we've been here for seven years. Ultimately, I've designed the entire apartment with the art of layering. Whether it's adding different textures, stacking boxes or creating a beautiful composition in a tray, layering pieces on one another allows you to curate items around the room so they have a purpose. This also gives dimension to a room and can really make a room and space feel lived in.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
My biggest challenge is the size. My husband and I have been living in our junior one bedroom apartment for nearly seven years. There are times when we crave more space -- something a lot of people want. You have to be so selective when you buy anything. I pretty much have to give something up when I buy something new. Also, hosting large dinner parties can be quite the test. But with amazing planning we've been able to host Thanksgiving and even game nights with our close friends. We just have to get really cozy. About two years ago when we were about to get married and thought "maybe we should upgrade to a one bedroom" we looked and looked but couldn't find anything we absolutely loved. There are so many elements of our tiny abode that we love -- the french doors, the built in cabinets in the dining area and the huge closets. When you weigh all the options, we just can't leave.
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