4 Ways to Reuse Your Old Calendar

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I’m not a big calendar person, but when I do get them, I usually really love them for their design and get sad when December is over. Yesterday Stephanie posted about how to make a planner out of scrap paper. But what do you with your newly out of date calendar? Check below the jump for some ideas of how to repurpose your calendar…

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Wrapping Paper
Svanna at Carpe+Item loves her Stendig calendar so much that she’s experimented with many ways to reuse it – we particularly like the lampshade and wrapping paper. We also found this image of the beloved Pentagram calendar on a blog about gifts for typography lovers and it looks really fun.

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Inexpensive Art
We’ve bought calendars specifically to reframe as art. Last year ATLA’s Grace framed her old calendar pages using Ribba frames from IKEA and they turned out great.

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Sketch Book
In college I worked at an art store, and when business was slow I would make sketchbooks out of scraps of the beautiful paper we sold. In the same way, rather than letting calendar paper go to waste, reuse it and make a notebook. Design*Sponge has easy DIY instructions.

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Reuse in the Future
Finally, if you really want, save that calendar for the next year that the days and dates are the same. Go to timeanddate.com and use the Repeating Calendar Calculator to find years where the dates fall on the same weekdays. Or, find an old calendar through ebay for a vintage look.

Top Image by Small Treasures via Flickr

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