Call for Submissions! Dinosaur Soup and Other Dubious Recipes Written by Children

If your kid were making dinner tonight would you be eating raisin stuffed grapes? Bob's Your Uncle is putting together an illustrated book of recipes written by children and is seeking submissions from your family. Read on for details of how your child can be a published author!

Here's what Bob's Your Uncle Needs:

Simply ask the child to write down (or just tell you!) how to make his or her favorite dish. Do not correct them in any way, but you could ask them for clarification on cooking time, temperature, or ingredients.

Please submit the recipe by email to Do not forget to include the child's name and age, along with your name and mailing address. If you prefer, you can send in by regular mail to:

Bob's Your Uncle

25 Channel Center Street, unit 101

Boston, MA 02210

By the way, we will be designing the book so the submission needn't be in the child's hand, just authentically written or recited by them. All submissions will receive a copy of the book (due out in 2008) whether they are included in the final design or not. Those that are selected will also receive a special prize.