Calypso Chair: A Perfect Office Lounger

Calypso Chair: A Perfect Office Lounger

Range Govindan
Feb 10, 2009

Finding the right office chair can sometimes be a hassle. You need something comfortable, but not too comfortable. The other thing is that it has to look good if clients come around. The Calypso Chair is something quite peculiar. It's a two-seater chair that's perfect for the home office because you can install a full workstation on it. The other great thing is that it can collapse neatly for storage, when you need the space. How cool is that?

People who spend a lot of time in front of computers are always faced with ways of making this time at work pass easier. One of the real easy ways is finding a sort of lounger that enables you to setup a workstation off your desk. The Calypso chair is that kind of chair. It's designed by Brandon Allen, who says that it connects the members of the internet and music subculture with the virtual world.

Allen planned on targeting net surfers with his chair, but we think it works well in the office. It's designed to bridge the gap between work, home and the internet. This is a multifunctional piece of furniture which lets users study, read, and write comfortably with or without a computer. The base of the sofa can be used for storage space. It can also be used to store the backrest of the sofa for an additional surface area on top. This looks like a really neat and useful sofa, which I'd like to have in my home office. [via Design Blog]

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