CalypsoCase and CalypsoKey Unlock Your Door Using Your Smartphone

CalypsoCase and CalypsoKey Unlock Your Door Using Your Smartphone

Gregory Han
Jan 31, 2013

In this increasingly smartphone driven world, it makes you wonder how long before tried and true mechanical solutions will last before they're all replaced by a wireless and digital counterpart. Yesterday it was the future replacement of the doorbell, today it's the front door lock: the CalypsoCase and CalypsoKey combination are near field communication (NFC) devices which eliminate the old fashioned house key...all without a required app...

Your iPhone is your key. With an NFC equipped CalypsoCase.

Never lose your keys again. Leave them behind and unlock doors just with a tap of a CalypsoKey, hidden in your CalypsoCase. Featuring the missing identification potentials of your iPhone. We are introducing sensational new near field communication (NFC) possibilities for your iPhone with the CalypsoKey. Replace your keys. Open doors. Access your apartment. Check in at your office building. Open the garage. All with just a short wireless tap of your CalypsoCase. No apps and no charging are needed. The built-in dual-band RFID antenna brings your entire portfolio of identification cards into one CalypsoCase.

This smartphone solution seems more fitting for the hospitality or vacation rental realm, but we could imagine this also being useful for indoor office doors, garages, or anywhere short term or limited access needs to be granted.

(Images: Calypso)