Camille's Beaming Bright Style

Camille's Beaming Bright Style

Chris Perez
Apr 16, 2012

Name: Camille of Camille Styles
Location: Austin, TX
Size: Camille's Office - 200 sq. ft, Intern's Office - 60 sq. ft.

Take a moment to sit back and let the cheerful, well-traveled style of Camille entertain you as we go behind the blog of Camille Styles. This ambitious, driven, mother-to-be has been on the fast track ever since she moved to Austin in 2006 — leaping from a position at a catering company to the head of her own events company to the personality behind the lifestyle and entertainment blog featured today. We had a chat at her home office to see how she brings it all together.

With all the traffic and media attention Camille has garnered in the past few months — from projects with national media such as HGTV, DIY Network, and Rue La La, among others — it's hard to imagine that her blog only started two short years ago. She discovered blogging as a means to keep in touch with clients from her events company. As relationships formed with other bloggers around the country, she soon saw how it could be an outlet for her inspirations and ideas. As her excitement for the medium grew, so did her blog — eventually blossoming into a full-time business with a handful of contributors and interns with whom she collaborates to style and create events, with all the freedom she ever dreamed of.

Tell us a bit about My real passion is to show people how entertaining can be fun. For so many people it's such a stressful thing. Clients I used to work with would plan for months for an event and by the time it arrived they just wanted to hurry up and get it over with — because of the struggle it was to get there. Parties should be fun for the guests and the hosts. So we really focus on a stress-free entertaining concept and how to really infuse every party and celebration with personal details that reflect the host. The blog also focuses on a lot of lifestyle topics such as interior design, fashion, food, travel, and all things that circulate around the lifestyle of stylish entertaining.

How would you describe your office? My office space is bright and airy with the light that comes in through the windows and the sheer curtains. I also love working in a clean environment, free of clutter or anything that can be distracting or make me feel overwhelmed. The space is clean and contemporary, with personal touches so it doesn't feel too sterile.

How do you keep your workspace organized? I'm definitely one of the rare people who has a clean desk pretty much all of the time. I really do like to have a place for everything and I'm lucky to live in a day where we don't require a lot of paper. Everything I do is mainly soft copy and my main strategy is to keep everything organized virtually on my computer. I do have magazine files where I keep back issues of all my Martha Stewart magazines for inspiration. Most of the time when I have paper, though, I ask myself "Ok, what needs to be done with this. Does it need to be filed? Scanned? Or thrown away?"

In terms of layout and organization of your work space, what are specific details that you're particularly proud of? My big inspiration board isn't really organization, but it's something I enjoy doing with all the magazine tearsheets I look through. Even though I do pin things and save most of it online, I do still have a certain set of magazines that I get hard copies of. I love literally tearing inspiration from them. The inspiration board is a good way to display those where they are neat and pretty, and I can go back to it for inspiration.

What are your favorite tech tools for business and/or leisure? We use a lot of online tools. Social media tools like Twitter and Facebook are used most often. We also use Pinterest and Flickr for image saving and sourcing. Even though we use Wordpress as our platform, we do a lot of image searching in Tumblr. We also use some social sites like craftgawker and foodgawker. They're really similar to Pinterest but they're niche, and entries have to be accepted by the site before they'