Campfire Essentials

Campfire Essentials

Alejandra Valera
Jun 20, 2007

June is Outdoor Home Month here at Apartment Therapy and nothing says the outdoors like roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over an open flame, even if it's in your own backyard.

Magic Cabin's ">campfire essentials are a must have if you own a backyard fire pit. For $15.95 you can have their cast iron cooker in round or square shapes --- great for grilled cheese sandwiches. Or for only $9.95, you can buy a set of 4 chrome-plated steel marshmallow forks, perfect for hot dogs, too.

End your outdoor backyard adventure with campfire activities and star-gazing with a little help from the The Kids Campfire Book and The Kids Book of the Night Sky, by Jane Drake and Ann Love, and you'll be all set for another unforgettable family evening.

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