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Q: I moved to my first apartment about a month ago, and it has been a slightly-scary (decorating decision paralysis!) and mostly fun process of discovering my decorating style and making my second-floor one bedroom apartment in a leafy LA suburb feel like home.

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It is now time to tackle my living room - I am looking for a 5x8 or 6x9 black-and-white area rug for my living room in a bold graphic print, and I've fallen completely in love with the West Elm Kite Kilim rug. I can't afford the 5' x 8' from West Elm at this point, but I thought I'd write to AT's super resourceful readers to see if there are other sources for similar rugs inspired by a southwestern/tribal print in black and white. Has anyone DIY-ed a rug of that size? Thanks, everyone!

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Editor: Please share your DIY advice or rug alternatives with Arti in the comments below - thanks!

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