Can I Get Concrete Look Walls…Without Concrete?

Can I Get Concrete Look Walls…Without Concrete?

Janel Laban
Jun 15, 2010

Q: I have just got a new apartment at a fabulous spot between the sea and the main shopping street in the downtown of the city I live in. However, I am a lover of the industrial look & feel in my living spaces. Think of warehouse-converted lofts. Raw concrete walls with all their stains and texture make my hunger for them go nuts.

Hence, I also love the way white Scandinavian furniture would look on those walls. Combined with black or dark-grey flooring it is simply gorgeous.

However, my place is a rental. So, I was wondering if anybody knows of a method to get that loft-like concrete look & feel on the walls without actually gluing anything on it?

Also I am looking for a more believable solution than simple faux painting. Because I think faux painting looks so… faux.

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