Should I Mount My TV to My Closet Door?

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Q: I'm finally settled enough in my new (rented) apartment that I'm ready to add a TV. My bedroom closet door has a very unusual design that makes it ideal for this purpose: it swivels a full 180 degrees, so the TV would be hidden when not in use. But...

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...because of this feature, the back of the door isn't flat - the pole mechanism that the door swivels around is centrally attached and sticks out 2 1/4" from the door. There's also a mirror on the front exactly where I'd drill to add a shelf for the TV to sit on or brackets to anchor it.

A projector system would solve the problem but I can't afford it, and I do not want to take any chances with a mirror original to the 1920s building. But this solution to the TV problem is so convenient and slick that I want to make it work, especially because it's really the best place space-wise.

Is there any hope, or do I need to just let it go?

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