Can I Reupholster a Daybed Myself?

Can I Reupholster a Daybed Myself?

Regina Yunghans
Aug 30, 2012

Q: I found this daybed that I would love to have restored. I love it though it looks very sad right now. The seat and the table open for storage! I'm currently unemployed (just graduated law school), so I have little money but lots of time. I've never reupholstered anything. This daybed needs to have new fabric and new foam/cushioning put in. I may refurbish the wood, too. How difficult is this?

I received some estimates to reupholster the seat, and they are prohibitively expensive. The couch alone is $200, and the work for redoing the seat runs from $450-$650. That doesn't even include getting a bolster for the back! I'm pretty handy, but not sure if I can do this. Suggestions?

Sent by Hera Ma

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