Can This Offi Lamp Be Repaired?

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Q: 3 years ago I bought this lamp for my baby's room. About 6 months in, I noticed sparks coming from the in-cord switch (the kind where you rotate the little wheel). So, I stopped using the lamp out of fear of a fire hazard. I contacted the company directly about getting a replacement cord, but it was never sent although I had contact with someone in customer service. So, I gave up. Well, fast forward two years. I want to use this lamp for the next baby (hey, it cost me $60), but where can I go to get a new cord/switch? It doesn't seem that easy because it has an AC/DC plug into the lamp, so I've found cords, but they are not lamp switch cords.

Sent by Christy

Editor: I don't know much about lighting so I would consider trying customer service again for advice or replacement parts. Readers, anyone with more lighting know-how have advice for Christy?

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