Can You Fold a Fitted Sheet?

Can You Fold a Fitted Sheet?

I own a dog-eared copy of Martha Stewart's Housekeeping Handbook. I pride myself on having a clean and organized house, though sometimes it's neither, and I generally consider myself skilled at this whole domestic thing. One thing I can't do? Fold a fitted sheet.

Gah! It's impossible, or so I thought, until I found thousands of online tutorials, like this old but seriously adorable one with feline helpers and "origami sheet" instructions from the blog Callalillie. (Who knew all I needed to do was enlist my two kitties!)

I really want to transform my messy sheet mounds into tidy rectangles. I now stack our linens and towels on a shelving unit in our guestroom, which would look really nice if everything were neat. Perhaps practice makes perfect.

Is it just me or does anyone else struggle with taming fitted sheets into submission?

Images: Callalillie

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