Can You Guess What Secret This Chair is Hiding?

We're all about adaptability here. We're psyched to find a piece of furniture or home decor that can go from one room to another. But what about a piece that can replace another room? Like, maybe, your entire workspace?

This marvel of malleability looks like a simple modern armchair, but it hides a secret. With a few folding swivel trays and a power station tucked into its side, this chair transitions seamlessly into a one-man workspace.

At first glance, the P@d chair gives off airplane-seat vibes. But after careful consideration, you might realize that the fold-out laptop desk and mousepad tucked into its arms can be a really handy feature for office nomad-types who love to work from the couch.

There's also a small power strip hidden inside a panel on the side of the chair, so you'll never have to scramble behind the sofa for an outlet ever again.

It's no surprise this tech-friendly style comes from Martin Ballendat, the designer behind the laptop-ready L@p chair we featured previously.

Of course, the P@d chair falls into the trap of "If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it." If you'd like to give it a try anyway, contact Rossin's UK Sales Office and get a price.

Via: Gizmodo

(Images: Rossin)