Can You Guess What This Tile Is Made From? The Answer Will Surprise You

This tile is beautiful and destined for someone's gorgeous new kitchen or bathroom, but it began life as something very, very different. Can you guess?

Believe it or not, that's CRT glass—glass from old television and computer screens!

I generally stay away from Kickstarter projects after being burned badly two years ago (STILL waiting on my prototype), but when I stumbled across this one, I was in love! They had already reached their goal by the time I found them, so now I get to enjoy the fruits of their funding...perhaps my future kitchen backsplash?

What I love about these guys (besides the fact that they are based here in the Bay Area) is that they found a unique and clever way to turn a difficult-to-recycle cast-off into something truly beautiful. I must admit that the tech geek side of me is pretty excited about this too! From their Kickstarter page:

CRT, also known as Cathode Ray Tube glass, was used to make the glass screens in old televisions and computer monitors. CRT has been an e-waste challenge in the recycling community for years. With the rise of LCD and Plasma this e-waste problem is growing at a rapid rate. CRT accounts for over 860 million pounds of e-waste in the US alone and we figured that was a lot of useful glass that we could make into tile.

They even made a sweet infographic explaining the process. Can you believe CRTs account for 60% of all e-waste in the USA?! Crazy!

Head on over to Fireclay Tile's website to learn more!

(Image credits: Fire Clay Tile; Flickr user Schmiblick under CC BY 2.0; Fireclay Tile)