Can You Help Us Find a $1000 Couch We Can Agree On?

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Q: My boyfriend and I just bought our first home — a tiny 800 square foot condo. The living room is long and skinny and is open to the kitchen. We are going for an industrial look — Restoration Hardware style, but more authentic antiques. We have a cat and are naturally accident-prone people.

So far we have only ever had IKEA couches, which are great because the cover can be washed, but just do not match our aesthetic so far. We are thinking leather might be a good option, but I love the look of natural linen. The BF's pick would be a leather Chesterfield style sofa, but these remind me of office furniture or something you would see in a bank!

My pick would be a little more sleek, so as to not take up too much visual space in the place. To add to this, we are on a budget and would like to spend around $1,000. Help us find our sofa!

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