Can You Match the Designer to the Hotel Room?

Can You Match the Designer to the Hotel Room?

Janel Laban
Feb 10, 2011

Lacroix, Armani, Moschino and Ralph Lauren — just four of the designers and brands who comfortably move across disciplines. When big names usually associated with fashion expand their work into interiors, their signature style still shines through. I think these four hotel rooms are no exception to that rule — can you tell at a glance which room above was "dressed" by which fashion designer? Make your guess and then click through…

I bet you guessed correctly - these rooms really feel like accurate reflections of looks that we've seen produced by these designers over the years.

Here are the correct matchups and the design clues that help point to who did which room:

1 = Armani: quiet sophisticated, well tailored neutrals
2 = LaCroix: luxe, over-the-top, scaled up patterns
3 = Lauren: a respectful homage to classics from the past
4 = Moschino (the brand, represented by Rosella Jardini and Jo Ann Tan): a humorous mashup of surrealism and fashion

Armani Hotel Dubai
Le BelleChasse Saint Germain
Round Hill
Maison Moschino

Haute Hotels | Elle Decor

Images: 1. J.Offenbach/Armani Hotel Dubai via Elle Decor, 2. Le BelleChasse Saint Germain, 3. Round Hill4. Maison Moschino

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