Can You Underdye an Overdyed Rug?

Can You Underdye an Overdyed Rug?

Tess Wilson
Aug 28, 2015

Q: I bought this vintage, overdyed rug on eBay and it's way too dark for me! As it already has been dyed and isn't brand new (or valuable), I'm wondering about lightening it up somehow. I had been considering a very mild bleach and water solution in a spray bottle. Anyone ever ruin a rug with bleach, but secretly love how it looked afterwards? -Sent by Beks

Editor: That is quite a saturated-and awesome- rug! And your home is totally gorgeous. Readers, do you have any experience with bleaching, fading, or otherwise intentionally destroying/improving rugs, especially wool ones? How can Beks best go about lightening up their rug, or do you think it's perfect as-is and you wouldn't change a thing? (I might be in the latter camp, but that doesn't really matter because it's not my rug!) Thanks!

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