Can Your Guess Who Calls This Their Home Office?

Can Your Guess Who Calls This Their Home Office?

Gregory Han
Aug 17, 2012

This home office is a surprisingly humble setup considering it belongs to one of the greatest creative figures in music, art, and design...a person whose work spans decades and has influenced generations as the days go by (in fact, my 1st class in design school was dedicated to a movie made by this person). Another few hints: avid proponent of the bicycle, attended Rhode Island School of Design, directed and starred in a movie with John Goodman and Spalding Gray...

The home office belongs to none other than Talking Heads frontman, David Byrne, a creative space decorated with fascinating collections of art, ephemera, and of course, music. A few more photos from a recent Brazilian magazine photo shoot available over at photographer, Gil Inoue's site.

Additionally, The Fader has an insightful 3-part video series of Byrne's space where he guides virtual guests through his space of "peculiar objects and ephemera". The first clip below:

(Top photo: Gil Inoue for TRIP)

Via Fast Company and The Fader

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