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Stone, glass, marble, ceramic... Last year a client of ours researched how much it would cost to replace one marble window sill. He looked at shops in NYC and then stopped into Cancos Tile in the Hamptons just out of curiosity. To his surprise, Cancos gave him a better price, even with delivery and installation 100 miles away.

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With over 10 stores in the metro area, Cancos started as a Long Island outfit but is hungry and growing, offering prices and service that seem hard to beat.

Cancos is a straightforward tile shop that has extended it's reach into all things bathroom and some kitchen. They deal in all kinds of tile: glass, porcelain, ceramic, stone, including countertops and pool tiles, and specializes in custom fabrication and installation. They also sell all bathroom fixtures and can arrange sale and installation of anything and everything for your bathroom.

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(reposted from 2004-12-13)

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