Candela Lights

Candela Lights

Jonathan B.
Jun 10, 2008

We're off to Mexico for a week and know we'll be looking for ways to remember the warmth and sun as soon as we come back. Actually, we're not sure if warmth and sun will have the same appeal after a week of baking on the beach, but just in case we're putting these Oxo Candela lights on the short list of not-exactly-souvenirs.

The green cred is mostly around indoor air quality: not burning things—whether food, cigarettes, or candles— inside your house, is certainly a way to keep things fresh. The downside is the small amount of electricity consumed. But hey, if you've gone solar...

A second downside is the initial cost: this set of four runs $70 at Amazon. If these don't do it for you, Oxo recently bought the Candela line, so the designs we saw at the ICFF should be out soon.

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