The More the Merrier Candlestick by Louis Campbell for Muuto

Today was a gloomy day in Minneapolis. As I worked from my desk and looked out the window, the day continued to get gloomier and gloomier — which normally would cause me to get melancholic. But today was different: I recently purchased new candle holders, and I was eager to take full advantage of them. I pulled them out of their box, light a few votive candles, and instantly I was re-energized, and continued to work.

It's amazing how a little tea light can cause so much joy. Perhaps its the twinkle of the flame that ignites us, or perhaps there is an innate need in us to avoid darkness at all costs, but whatever the case may be, candle light just make us happy — not to mention that everyone looks better in candle light. Here is a sampling of candle holders that will undoubtedly work well in your space.