Jonathan B.
Jul 31, 2007
This is the kind of store we dream of opening ourselves. From the freshly waxed natural pine floors to the nebulous blue-grey of the interior wall, you can tell how much thought has gone into every detail... and that's especially true with the products.

The owners of Canoe describe it as a store for "modern home, work, and life," and part of modern is being green. (NB: while everything at Canoe is exceptionally well designed, not everything is green.) Check out a few of our favorite pleasingly functional—and green—products...

This bath mat is made of hinoki, a wood that, like cedar, grows rich with aromatic oils. Bonus: it's antibacterial. Double bonus: the lumber comes from from the thinning of well-managed forests, constructed of short pieces that would otherwise be burned for fuel. $45.
This tissue box, also of hinoki, looks better than a pasteboard box and can infuse tissues with a crisp, woodsy scent. $35.

While other bags may be more of a fashion statement, this reusable bag says you're serious about preventing waste. Canoe suggests it's perfect for the Farmer's Market, but we're thinking tool tote. $40.

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