Sleek Alternatives to Ugly Outlet Faceplates

Tired of ugly faceplates cluttering up your freshly painted wall? They stick out like a sore thumb after all the hard work we've done in designing and styling our homes. Here are a few great options to clean up the look of your home!

TRUFIG: Switches, power outlets, data jacks, keypads, volume control, touch panels, speakers, registers - there's an entire lineup of faceplates that meld into your design without sticking out like a sore thumb.
Trufig Flush Mounted Devices
Trufig Flush Mount Outlets and Home Theater Controls (Dwell on Design)

Lutron: Even if we can't afford their whole home solutions, Lutron's individual faceplates and switches are a luxurious touch. They come in four different styles and many more finishes to suit your tastes - Designer, Traditional, Architectural, or New Architectural.
Lutron Electronics: Dimmers & Lighting Controls
Lutron • (Apartment Therapy Marketplace)
Lutron Dimmers
New Dimmers for CFLs and LEDs from Lutron
Lutron Diva Dimmers
Lutron AuroRa - Lighting Automation Made Simple

Bocci 22: The 22 is a flush mounted faceplate that sits smooth against your drywall for a clean minimalist look.
Seamless Plugs: Goodbye to Your Cover Plate
Trimmed VS Trimless:
Bocci 22 Out(lets) in the Wild