Sleek Alternatives to Ugly Outlet Faceplates

Sleek Alternatives to Ugly Outlet Faceplates

Jason Yang
Mar 7, 2012

Tired of ugly faceplates cluttering up your freshly painted wall? They stick out like a sore thumb after all the hard work we've done in designing and styling our homes. Here are a few great options to clean up the look of your home!

TRUFIG: Switches, power outlets, data jacks, keypads, volume control, touch panels, speakers, registers - there's an entire lineup of faceplates that meld into your design without sticking out like a sore thumb.
Trufig Flush Mounted Devices
Trufig Flush Mount Outlets and Home Theater Controls (Dwell on Design)

Lutron: Even if we can't afford their whole home solutions, Lutron's individual faceplates and switches are a luxurious touch. They come in four different styles and many more finishes to suit your tastes - Designer, Traditional, Architectural, or New Architectural.
Lutron Electronics: Dimmers & Lighting Controls
Lutron • (Apartment Therapy Marketplace)
Lutron Dimmers
New Dimmers for CFLs and LEDs from Lutron
Lutron Diva Dimmers
Lutron AuroRa - Lighting Automation Made Simple

Bocci 22: The 22 is a flush mounted faceplate that sits smooth against your drywall for a clean minimalist look.
Seamless Plugs: Goodbye to Your Cover Plate
Trimmed VS Trimless:
Bocci 22 Out(lets) in the Wild

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