Car Seat Hiding Place For Emergency Supplies

Maria Eckersley, mother of 5, has been around the proverbial block when it comes to diapers, diaper bags, trips, outings and messy mis-haps that can occur along the way. She recently shared with us a great solution for lightening your load when you just need to make a quick run to the store, but need to be prepared for anything.

Down the side of her car seats, between the seat and the lining, she's always kept a thin pack of disposable wipes and a zip top bag with a clean diaper. Once her children are older and in full out potty training mode, she uses the same hiding place in their permanently attached car seats to hold a spare pair of underwear, a pull up and wipes for any "oops" emergencies!

You can read more about this tip and others from Maria over at MeckMom.

Great tip, thanks Maria!

(via: MeckMom via Adrian's Crazy Life)
(Image: Meck Mom)

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