Cardboardesigns Furniture and LiquidCardboard Designs

Our recent post about DIY cardboard furniture creations ended up being one of our most popular recent posts here on AT Los Angeles, possibly a sign of the times revealing people's interest in low cost and eco-friendly furnishings (or just sheer curiosity of what people can create with something as ubiquitous as cardboard). But not everyone wants to make their own furniture, and in that case, we'd direct them over to the wide selection of furnishings and home accessories of a US-based cardboard company...

Cardboardesigns manufactures and sells chairs, tables, vases, shelves, dividers (we especially like these because they're light, affordable and easy to customize/paint), and children's furniture. They're also an official dealer of the FlexibleLove Bench, an amazing example of cardboard's wide range of use and strength. Their chairs are rated to hold well over 600lbs and start at $82...maybe making them a parent's dream (no worries about Jr. scribbling his masterpiece across a cardboard chair opposed to something upholstered).

posted originally from: AT:LA