Finding & Caring for a Reclaimed Wood Table?

Finding & Caring for a Reclaimed Wood Table?

Gregory Han
Feb 10, 2010

Q: I picked up a copy of the January issue of Town & Country, and fell in love with Ina Garten's rustic wood (reclaimed salvaged) table. She purchased it from a high-end store in Sag Harbor....not so close to me in Scottsdale, AZ and definitely not in my price range! Aside from Restoration Hardware, where can I find a gorgeous reclaimed wood table like this that is full of character and not ridiculously expensive? 

Also, my husband seems to think a table like this might be a nightmare and show ever single spill or ring from an iced drink etc. Does anyone have any experience with a similar type table? To me it would seem low maintenance in that you would never worry about scuffing or scratching the surface because it adds to the charm.

Sent by Jenn

Editor - Love the table too, Jenn, and we're all for reusing reclaimed wood with its inherent natural beauty. But we admit we haven't had any experience ourselves with a table like this. Perhaps some of our readers can chime in with advice and opinions.

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