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Athis Mons France
Inspiration for my palette:
We're renting so I don't want to be painting the walls or wallpapering. I already had the white bed and the white wardrobe so I decided to make the room even brighter with white bedding and nightstands to reflect the light from the big French doors, then just adding pops of colour along with a few rabbits here and there. You can never have too many rabbits in a bedroom. I painted the navy stool and the turquoise prie-dieu to be used as clothes stands but I much prefer them without any clothes on!
Colors used in my room:
I love a light bedroom with lots of white so I chose a clean palette and added a few happy touches like pink neon feet for the nighstand along with greens and blues (in the Mexican poncho turned comforter) to liven things up. After 2 years in this Paris apartment I still haven't been able to find suitable window treatment so I've temporarily settled for a "home-made" solution. Since both bedrooms look out onto the terrace and garden it's not that much of a problem, but I do think ombre curtains would be kind of cool in here.
Tips for using color successfully:
My advice would be to keep it simple. Don't use more than 2 main colours, adding a third in small touches. Use what you've got but don't be afraid to make changes often. Rooms evolve with the seasons and with your taste. Go with it!
Light & Happy