(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
As part of our spring clean, we're doing a closet overhaul - weeding through what we've accumulated and donating what we know we will no longer use. When that chore is complete we've made a bit of a resolution to take better care of what we keep, so the very practical list of what every household should have for wardrobe care (put together by Carson Kressley) is bookmarked on our computer. It includes:

  • A Steamer (we don't have one....do you?)
  • A Lint Roller (check!)
  • Toupee Tape (hmmm, didn't know it existed....)
  • Detergent Pen (will pick one up)
  • A Cutlery Organizer in a dresser drawer for jewelry (a smart solution)

    Check out the rest of Carson's list right here at House Beautiful.

    Image: From Living Etc's Storage Gallery,check it out for more inspiring photos