Carter On Eames: Looks Versus Longevity

Carter On Eames: Looks Versus Longevity

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 19, 2011

Although this quote comes from Ray Eames, and it seems silly to think of anything from that family being unstylish, the reason their pieces stand the test of time is their functionality. Do you have pieces in your home you wouldn't ever get rid of, even though they don't have the greatest look to them?

In my own home, I'd like to think we strive to keep what works and only buy what we love. "Loving" something, however, means testing it and making sure it has great looks and comfort. That said, there have been a few things that slid into our grasp, like an ugly faux-leather puffy sofa (I'd show you photos, but you might judge me), rescued from Craigslist and used in a basement with the game consoles and laundry room.

They were comfortable and served their purpose well, but there was a reason we confined them to the basement! What about in your own home? Share your thoughts below!

Image: Matthew Carter via Reason To Read)

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