(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Whenever we can find the time we love to host potlucks, pizza taste tests, movie viewing parties and Cranium night at our studio. But living in a smaller space means we're cramped for space whenever there's more than a few dishes of food being served. Our low coffee table plays dual role as a dining table already, whether there are guests or not. And although we like the idea of occasional tables, we're not to keen on most we've seen. They're still too large, and frankly, utilitarian-ugly in a management seminar sort of way.

Of course, we should have expected to find a viable solution on a site called tinyliving.com (a New York retailer covered a few years back on the ATNY site; apparently the site has expanded and improved quite a bit since our initial review). They sell this birch wood case coffee table, a table that folds itself into a carry-able case, when not in use. It's got an awkward charm to its appearance...like an infant animal standing on its legs for the first time. They claim it can hold up to 100lbs (enough to hold up the crazy amount of food at our potlucks) and is handmade in California. It's not cheap at $199, so maybe some of you more handy folks out there can devise a DIY solution for less.