Cast Iron Menorah by Josh Owen

Maxwell’s Daily Find 12.01.11

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Cast Iron Menorah by Josh Owen

• $150

As holiday season is fast approaching, I thought I'd try to get a few necessities out before the opportunity passes. Stylish modern menorahs are always a big ask within our community at this time of year, and this one really stands out for being awesomely minimal, but also promising to get even better with time. As the copy says, it will get "even more beautiful as it acquires a patina from continual use." It's also a top pick from last year's Best Modern Menorahs post.

"Solid, simple, and ceremonial, with an integrated tray to catch wax drippings and a safe resting place for a used match while it is still hot. It is made of solid cast iron and has the heft expected of such a material. The weight gives it a sense of solidity."

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