Castor Design: Makes **it Look Good

Castor Design: Makes **it Look Good

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 12, 2009

One of my favorite moments at IDS was meeting the guys behind Castor and figuring out for the first time what they were all about. A renegade Canadian design company with a mission to "make shit look good," Castor is a partnership between Brian Richer and Kei Ng which has very few boundaries. They design tables, saunas, headphones and lighting (among other things) and own a restaurant, called Oddfellows, where they get to put their design aesthetic into action every day. I got to see Brian and Kei's installation at IDS and then go to their restaurant for a delicious dinner. Here's a tour. Enjoy!...


Inside the restaurant letters like this fill one wall

Brian at the show holding a small version of their Winnebago.

Their "room" design was this tricked out Winnebago, aka Shagmobile, that was surrounded by plastic grass and a full drum kit

Inside the Winnebago.

Outside Oddfellows. The curtains and the outside canopy are made with camouflage netting in black and white

Inside at Oddfellows. There's only one table - a very long one.

This is an amazing design. Called the Invisible Chandelier, it's made of burnt out light bulbs and lit from within.

I knew this fireplace design, but never seen it in a raw environment. It warmed the whole restaurant.

A coat rack made of Rebar!

These chairs were used all the way down the table and were surprisingly comfortable and surprisingly made of rubber. Designed by Komplot in Denmark, they are indestructible. >>

Cool poster.

Castor's sauna design out of a shipping container

The Antler headphones!


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