Cat Hammock by Tamar Gilad

Cat Hammock by Tamar Gilad

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 13, 2010

Design: Cat Hammock
Materials: Wood & fabric
Designer: Tamar Gilad

"As a volunteer with a cat rescue group in the past five years, I have spent every Sunday helping cat lovers adopt a cat."


"The cats and kittens at the adoption center love to lounge in their hammocks, which hang in their cages. Visitors have asked where they could buy such a hammock for their own cats. Alas, these hammocks can only hang in a cage!

I set out to design a sturdy cat hammock that would look good even in the living room. Other design goals: assemble in seconds without tools, quickly take it apart for storage and travel, ship it flat."

Designer: Tamar Gilad
Location: Wilmington, NC


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