Catch-Alls for Your Entryway

Catch-Alls for Your Entryway

Sarah Coffey
Apr 17, 2009
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Why buy a new organizing system for your entryway? You've got lots of options for catch-alls in your kitchen cupboard or your storage closet. For a few ideas, click through the photos above and the links below...

1 A gravy boat becomes a key catch.
2 A soap dish is used to hold a wallet and change.
3 A vintage sugar bowl can hide change and keys.
4 A segmented tray is good for organizing all kinds of little things.
5 Keep a drinking vessel and a piggy bank by the door to collect the small stuff.

• Repurpose an old ashtray for pocket change.
• Use a cake stand for keys and wallets.
• A planter can collect pens and sunglasses.
• Use a set of Ramekins to sort all your small stuff.
• Pencil boxes are great organizers.

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