Cathode Ray Tube Clock

Cathode Ray Tube Clock

Range Govindan
Aug 12, 2008

The Scope Clock brings the retro back into retro chic, all with cathode ray tube goodness. The Scope Clock was designed by David Forbes and embodies the retro-chicness of gadgets. This clock is actually a cathode ray tube encased in 3/8" acrylic case. It comes with GPS time and the ability to display digital or analog clock faces.

It's an incredible device. It's back is filled with controls, such as an astigmatism knob. There are a lot of programmable features in this clock, including settings pertaining to light, display, focus, etc. This is the prototype. It uses a SC200 clock board to display time in all its different forms.

It will go into a limited edition soon. Designer David Forbes has been working on this concept for years. It will be available for $999.

[via DVice, photos by David Forbes]

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