Caution: This Rug Sheds...A LOT.

Caution: This Rug Sheds...A LOT.

Grace Shu
Jan 29, 2008
[ Photo from Crate and Barrel ]

Arrrghh. I bought a very similar Crate and Barrel rug about 3 years ago (mine's multi-colored instead of tonal); and from the minute I brought it home to right now, IT SHEDS! Little fur balls rise up from the pile about twenty seconds after vacuuming.

When I first got this rug, I figured it was just because it was new and that the shedding would just...go away. After all, that's what the folks at Crate and Barrel assured me after I spent a week with the fuzz. But after three years' worth of weekly vacuuming, it hasn't let up at all. I have learned a neat little trick though, for those of you in a similar boat: While vacuuming does a good job in picking up the extra pile, what REALLY works is a doggy slicker brush.

After reading some of the responses from Ikea Red Rug-gate, I'm considering selling my Crate and Barrel rug and getting something shed-free. After all, I already have a dog in case I miss the shedding...

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