How To: Ceiling Fan Refashion

How To: Ceiling Fan Refashion

Carrie McBride
Jul 30, 2009

Ceiling fans get a bad rap. We've lost count of how many times we've seen designers on shows like Trading Spaces walk into a room, look at the ceiling, groan, and immediately remove the fan. Yeah, they are kind of an eyesore, but they really cool down a room and potentially reduce the risk of SIDS.

Even if you're a ceiling fan hater, you've gotta admit that Angela's refashioned fan is a really nice improvement. She covered the blades with a pretty black and white damask fabric - just think of the possibilities for a child's room or nursery!

You're in luck - Angela has a detailed photo tutorial on her blog, Keeping the Faith. The only part that seems intimidating is removing and re-attaching the fan blades, but it's probably easier than we think and Angela says you can do the whole project in about an hour.

(Thanks Angela!)

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