Ceiling Medallions in Kids' Rooms

We've featured some fun ceiling treatments for kids' rooms before, but have you even considered a ceiling medallion? With or without a chandelier, these decorative patterns or plaques can make an interesting textural statement.

Whether you buy them, DIY them, paint them or install them, we've found several fun ideas for medallions in kids' rooms.

1. Compass Ceiling Medallion at Thistlewood Farms

2. Kids' Ceiling Medallions by Marie Ricci

3. Butterfly Stencil Ceiling Medallion at The Weekend Homemaker

4. DIY Starburst Medallion at The Vintage Cabin

5. Golden Twig Ceiling Medallion at Neiman Marcus

Do you have textural or stenciled ceiling details in your nursery or kids' rooms? Let us know what you've done in the comments!

(Images as linked)

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