Design by British homeware designer Emma Bridgewater.

AGA Rangemaster launched four limited edition celebrity designed cookers to celebrate the 300 year anniversary of the Coalbrookdale foundry where all AGAs are born. The launch will form part of the ‘Great British Cooker’ campaign.

1 British home ware designer, Emma Bridgewater created this playful polka dot design for Aga .
2 Michelin-star winning chef Nick Nairn has designed a tartan Falcon cooker, true to his Scottish roots.
3 Singer Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten gave it a delicious twist with a cupcake design.
4 Eco designer and TV presenter Oliver Heath has created a patchwork wood-burning Rayburn to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Coalbrookdale foundry where all AGAs and Rayburns are born.

The Aga stove has become a British icon, first introduced in 1929. It was a technological marvel of its time. It's creator Dr Gustaf Dalen was inspired to create a stove capable of "every culinary technique" because his wife was so exhausted by cooking tasks. A man close to our hearts!

A limited edition stove will set you back just under £10,000 (!!!) and is available from Great British Cookers.

Images: Great British Cookers