May 4, 2007

Our cell phone's near-death experience got us thinking about what to do in case of future emergencies. That led us to the Cellstick, a device that connects to your phone and allows you to download your address book, and then upload it to your PC (sorry, no Macs for this one)--with the option of being able to edit your address book on your computer.

That last option makes this product worth its price of $27.99 (or $39.99, depending on the Cellstick model required, which is based on your specific phone brand and model) to anyone who doesn't like to enter phone numbers in their address book right on the phone.

If there isn't a Cellstick for your phone, as there is not for our Samsung A950, be sure to search Amazon because there's likely to be other--though likely less spiffy--options.

P.S. Make sure that when you're searching on Amazon for the Cellstick that would work for your phone that the zip code is correct. The example pages we linked to were for our zip code here in Minneapolis.

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