CenterstageChicago's Eco-Adventure: Purge the Household Cleaners

CenterstageChicago's Eco-Adventure: Purge the Household Cleaners

Heather Blaha
Jun 14, 2006

Our friends over at CenterstageChicago have a new Green Thumb column going with lots of green-living tips and tales. While this article would have been a perfect highlight during AT's Spring Cleaning Month, we all know that a healthy home is an ongoing process...especially the cleaning part. Here's an excerpt from Julia at Centerstage:

After Googling recipes for DIY natural cleaners, I picked three formulas from to test for myself.

My homemade cleaners won't be safe enough to drink, but they are gentle on the earth and fume-free in the home. A trip to Jewel yielded a spritzer bottle, white vinegar, distilled water, baking soda, Borax and washing soda (the last two, which I'd never heard of, are found in the laundry aisle) for a total of $11.60. A few items required a run to Whole Foods (glycerin, natural castile soap and soap flakes) ringing up another $13. The recipes call for only a few ounces or teaspoons of most of these items, so shelling out now means I'm set with several refills.

Read more about Julia's homemade trials and successes here.

(Thanks, Julia!)