Accompanying the announcement of the Edifier iF500 Luna5 Encore, we saw ourselves curiously drawn to the rainbow selection of 2.1 systems mounted on the wall of the Edifier booth. The Edifier M3-Plus is very similar to the Edifier MP330 Portable System, comprised of two raquet ball sized speakers and a 2'' Neodymium-iron Boron Magnet assembly subwoofer housed inside an aluminum tube, designed specifically for travelers.

Alongside the colours, the Edifier M3-Plus 2.1 system's speaker rubber stands seems to have been updated from its precursor, theMP330, providing improved stability. Input remains a standard 3.5mm Stereo input plug for easy connection to your digital audio device or latop and the design supposedly meets electronics travel requirements, so TSA won't make you leave your audio entertainment options at home. About $100.