Simple Update Idea: Chairs in Hallways, Even in Small Homes

Do you know what I've been considering a lot lately? A chair in my upstairs hallway. I'm not talking about a sprawling manse here, either, but a compact little 1930s Cape Cod.

You see, the hallway widens a bit at the top of the stairs, allowing space for just one seat. There's a window there, and it would be a nice place to linger alone over a book or just to watch the birds for a minute in the morning. Up until now, I always thought that chairs in hallways were for the much more space-endowed than I, but no more. I love the cozy feeling of a chair in this space meant primarily for passage. I'll check back soon when I've given the new arrangement a test drive.

In the meantime, what about you? Do you have seating in a hallway in your home? Do you use it for its intended purpose, or has it just become a catchall for stuff?

(Images: 1. Lonny, 2. Lonny)