Chalkboard paint uses

Chalkboard paint uses

Feb 1, 2008

Many of the projects that people have done for their January Jumpstart revolved around paint. It's such an easy and effective way to transform your decor. Lately, we've been thinking about chalkboard paint. As a child, we were always taught to not write on walls, or other objects in the home, so there's something fun about being able to make your mark on something at home and know it's actually encouraged! And we've seen it applied to on many things besides walls...

We've seen it used as placemats, vases, as a coating on a table top, and we recently spied it via Cookie Magazine's blog, on napking rings!

Definitely a great and easy DIY idea, and it doubles as a placecard!

Has anyone used chalkboard paint in their home? How did it work for you? Where did you use it? Any tips when appying it?

Chalkboard vases

DIY Kid's Chalkboard Table

Chalkboard placemats

Images via Martha Stewart, Ameico via Cookie

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