If you were thinking about adding chalkboard paint to your home, but not sure where to do it- how about the kitchen? We love the immediate cafe atmosphere a chalkboard in the kitchen creates. It's the perfect accessory to the modern family kitchen and a little bit goes a long way.

We rounded up just a few images to give you some inspiration and get you thinking about all of the possibilities. We especially like a white kitchen with black chalkboard paint and at least one brighter accent color.

If you're not ready for the commitment of paint, you can always buy a smaller chalkboard or buy a peel and stick chalkboard. The kids can use it for doodles, you can use it for meal planning, grocery lists, or recipes, or you could even just write a quote up there to set the tone for this important room.

Do you have a unique use of chalkboard in your kitchen? Send us your photos!

(Images: 1. Living,etc. 2. Noisette Family 3 and 4 Belle Maison 5. BKids)