Chambly Silver Baguette

Maxwell’s Daily Find 05.08.13

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Chambly Silver Baguette

• $312 for 5 piece setting

I must be getting older because I saw this stunning set of French silverware at Dean & Deluca (they have a great eye) and wanted it. So I looked it up online. Thin and not chunky, shiny but not blinding, sharp but not threatening, this traditional set of silverware also seems plain enough to be everyday ware and the sorts of thing you'd find in a bistro and not in a fancy restaurant in France. Made by Chambly since 1860, this stuff "uses the best nickel silver base available. Each piece is silvered to the highest French legal standard, guaranteed by the square hallmark. All silver flatware is over plated to 150 grams."

BTW they also do the same styles in stainless for a lot less.

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